Jun 14, 2011

Ice Cream Cones By Post!

Ice cream cones are great fun - especially when they come through the post on your birthday!

That's what happened to me .... it looked like an ordinary envelope but when I opened it I found it was no ordinary birthday card. Three beautiful paper ice cream cones (1 large and 2 small) stared at me from the front of the card. What a lovely idea!

Without thinking, I placed the card down next to my ice cream maker (I was in the kitchen opening the post at the time). Then it occurred to me what a super image I beheld ..... sitting atop of my ice cream maker were 3 hand-knitted, wool ice cream cones - a gift from my cousin Iris some years ago (Iris is a wonder at knitting!). The ice cream maker, the 3 knitted cones and the ice cream cones birthday card all together. I grabbed my iPhone and took a picture.

That's what I call an ice cream themed birthday! Thank you Brian and Pam for sending me such wonderful ice cream cones through the post!.

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