Nov 28, 2011

Honeycomb Ice Cream Scores Again!

I always find it interesting how the words 'ice cream' can open up a conversation when talking to someone for the first time.

I made a telephone call recently to make a Christmas donation to a charity and was put through to a very pleasant and helpful lady called Kath who, having taken my details to process the donation, asked if there was anything else she could help with. I replied that I didn't think so as I had already purchased my charity Christmas cards and raffle tickets.

Then it occurred to me ... if I could find an ice cream connection with the charity I could write a little feature on my ice cream blog.  Kath was sorry but she couldn't think of any connection. So not wanting to give up easily on my quest, I asked her if she liked ice cream. The answer was an immediate and emphatic 'Yes!'.

"What's your favorite ice cream?" I asked

Kath didn't need time to think about this, she was sure of her answer:
"Honeycomb ice cream" she said.

I have to admit I was expecting the answer to be vanilla or chocolate as they are so popular. However, I was delighted to be able to tell Kath that I did in fact have a recipe for honeycomb ice cream. She was delighted and said she would take a look at it some time. I don't know if Kath has an ice cream maker - I didn't stay on the 'phone long enough to find out - but even if she hasn't she can always go to my page about making ice cream without an ice cream maker.

As for the charity Kath works for, they do exceptional work and need all the support they can get. They currently have a special 12 Ways Of Christmas section on their website with some super fundraising ideas for people to take part in. If you have a few minutes spare, take a look - you never know you might even find yourself having a little Christmas fun into the bargain!

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