Dec 7, 2011

Ice Cream Videos

If you enjoy ice cream - whether making ice cream or just eating it - you are likely to also enjoy watching ice cream videos.

There are lots of different types of videos about ice cream - here are just a few examples:
  • Ice cream churning in an electric ice cream maker (freezing as it batches)
  • Ice cream sundae in close-up, freshly served at an ice cream parlor
  • Animals eating ice cream
This is one of my favorites - a chocolate ice cream sundae served in one of the most fabulous ice cream glasses I have ever come across. Shaped like a shell with swirls around the middle of the glass, a beautifully shaped top edge and a gorgeous glass curl at the very bottom.

What happened to the ice cream? It was eaten by my husband!
What happened to the ice cream glass? I bought it from the bemused ice cream parlor owner!

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