Sep 28, 2008

Corporate Ice Cream Man

Let's face it many corporate people lead busy lives and live with lots of pressure. So we shouldn't begrudge them a little relaxation occasionally. Usually it comes in the form of a weekend away at a corporate events venue or corporate training and corporate team building inititatives but there's a much simpler form of relaxation available to them - enjoying a secrete little treat at lunchtime. If you look in any inner city park at lunchtime you'll probably find a businessman smartly dressed in corporate clothing quietly enjoying an ice cream cone. I used to see them often in my 'city' days in London.

You can tell at a glance if 'the corporate man' has eaten an ice cream cone in this situation before - he will have removed his tie, have his shirt unbuttoned at the top and be clutching a paper napkin in one hand (at the ready to remove any ice cream drips) whilst holding his precious ice cream cone in the other hand. It's actually a very organised affair! Here's a photo to show you what I mean.

If this corporate gentleman is careful he can not only return to his office for meetings without a trace of ice cream on his person but can sit listening to boardroom talk whilst smiling satsifyingly inside knowing he's enjoyed a secret treat at lunchtime. Now that's how to be sucessful (and happy) in the corporate world!

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Sep 21, 2008

The Tradition Of The Ice Cream Man

Being an ice cream man is not the most common or popular of jobs these days and when you stop and talk to one you usually find it's been a family business for years. There are many such families with a tradition of ice cream making or selling. Indeed, there are a few famous people from just such a family background.

The genius snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan 's family once ran an ice cream business. I recently read a copy of Ronnie's autobiography given to our son as a birthday present. In the book there's a wonderful photograph of a young Ronnie O'Sullivan (about 8 or 9 years old) sat on the bonnet of his family's ice cream truck.

The great, Oscar winning movie director Anthony Minghella (famous for 'The English Patient') who sadly died earlier this year, was also from such a background, his parents having been immigrants from Italy. The family has a long established ice cream business: Minghella's Ice Cream which produce from their own ice cream factory on the Isle of Wight in the UK.

Our local ice cream man is Gerry who's been doing the job for over 30 years he tells me. I pass his ice cream truck (photo on my web page about ice cream trucks) once or twice a week on the road coming out of town and last time I spoke with him he agreed to do an interview for me. Sadly, I've yet to get round to doing that but it's still 'on the agenda'. The life of an ice cream man is going to make for great reading. I can't wait!

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Sep 15, 2008

A Strange Little Ice Cream Truck

This isn't so much an article or a story but an opportunity to share with my readers a photograph of what must be one of the most unusual little ice cream trucks ever built. It may not be a standard, self-powered truck but it certainly attracts the ice cream buyers when it's open!

It resides on the beachfront in a little Dutch coastal town and is particularly cute. I suppose it's more of an ice cream kiosk than an ice cream truck as it's not mobile but children just love to flock to it and surround it looking at the colorful pictures and chart of different ice creams and toppings. To be honest, I can't imagine many grown-ups who enjoy ice cream being able to pass this by without stopping to buy one of their delicious cones either!

I don't know who designed it but full marks go to them for endeavour and imagination.

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Sep 8, 2008

An Ice Cream Flavor In Clothing

Summer is a time when many of us like to buy a new item or two of clothing, especially casual clothing when we want to be out in the sunshine and feel comfortable yet look good. Shopping online for clothes has never been easier but there is so much choice. When I shop online I must admit to being overwhelmed by the choices that come up and sometimes end up buying nothing and just closing my browser through sheer exhaustion of indecision!

When I was selecting items for the Online Store I knew I needed to put something in there for pretty much everyone and, particularly, for this time of year - summer. There are ice cream tee shirts for men, women, girls and youths and even 'onesies' for babies including a diaper cover with an ice cream cone pattern!

There's even a ladies' tank top with an ice cream cone logo - but it's not just any ice cream cone picture. It's of the famous "$1 million dollar ice cream cone" made by Lazare Kaplan for the Bruster ice cream company. Sadly the tank top is not diamond encrusted but for less than $21 I suppose you can't expect that.

There are hats and caps with ice cream cones and ice cream trucks as well as headbands and ties all with an ice cream theme.

Whatever you decide to wear this summer, get out there and enjoy every minute and if it's ice cream themed then good for you - spread the word about the fun of ice cream!

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Sep 1, 2008

Master Gelatiere At Morelli's Gelato

My recent interview with Gino Soldan (master gelatiere for Morelli's Gelato in London) is now live on Anyone interested in ice cream making, ice cream parlors and ice cream sundaes will love this Special Feature.

It provides an insight into how this master of ice cream making views his work, the depth of passion he has for his craft and how adventurous he aspires to be in developing new and daring ice cream flavors. It's an exclusive interview so be amongst the first to read it before it gets picked up and rehashed by other sites and media.

See: Master Gelatiere Gino Soldan

There is also a gallery of photographs showing some of the wonderful ice cream sundaes made at Morelli's Gelato, including one Gino made especially for my friend Mary. Again the photographs are exclusive to

Read and enjoy!

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