Jul 30, 2010

An Ice Cream Puzzle

Here's an idea for anyone with children to keep entertained this summer vacation.

If it's been a hot day or rainy day and they want to spend a while indoors, here are some ice cream jigsaws they can do on their PC. They are free to download and easy to use.

As they complete the jigsaw, help them celebrate with an ice cream cone - whether it's homemade or from the ice cream truck doesn't matter.

Summer and ice cream were made for each other.

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Jul 19, 2010

Fresh Fruit For Homemade Ice Cream

There is nothing like using fresh fruit to make your own homemade ice cream and it is one of the reasons why I have developed my own little fruit garden at home. It's taken a few years but the effort is well worth it.

I have planted and grown a wide variety of fruits and used most of them in my ice cream recipes.

My home fruit includes:
  • apples

  • strawberries

  • blueberries

  • raspberries

  • pears

  • plums

  • gooseberries

  • cherries

  • blackcurrants

  • rhubarb

The most popular ice cream recipe in our house using our own homegrown fruit has to be strawberry ice cream followed closely by blueberry ice cream.

However, my recent rhubarb sorbet certainly got the 'thumbs up'.

So on those sultry, hot summer evenings this July, it might just prove the best of all possible homemade ice creams ....

(Please don't let the weather let me down on this one!)

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Jul 18, 2010

Go Celebrate - It's National Ice Cream Day!

No excuses today .... you MUST celebrate National Ice Cream Day!

Go to one of the many, great ice cream parlors around or buy the family an ice cream cone to enjoy in the park; you could always go to the cinema and enjoy a tub of ice cream whilst watching a great movie like Iron Man 2 or you could stay home and make your own homemade ice cream.

Ice cream is fun. Go get some .... and I dare you not to smile whilst you're eating it!

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Jul 3, 2010

18 July Is National Ice Cream Day

It's July again! 4 July celebrations ALWAYS include ice cream - well at least that's what my readers tell me. It's the single most important day of the year for downloads of recipes from my ice cream recipes website.

July is also National Ice Cream Month and this year the 18 July is National Ice Cream Day.

Don't know about it? Shame on you! Get yourself 'educated' and can read my National Ice Cream Month & National Ice Cream Day page.

My knowledge of political history can be a little patchy but if there's one thing I DO know, it's that we have Ronald Reagan to thank for National Ice Cream Month.

So don't hold back this July .... go out with your friends and family and enjoy an ice cream in the park or take them for a treat to an ice cream parlor. Then on a sunny day when you decide to have a bbq, invite a few extra guests to come and enjoy some homemade ice cream. Here are the top 10 ice cream recipes most downloaded from my website.

Ice cream is FUN!

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