Jan 16, 2011

Making Ice Cream Without Using Sugar

A friend asked me recently how to make sugar free ice cream.

To be honest, I knew there was more than one answer, the most obvious being to use artificial sweetners. However, I don't favor that option - I would rather use natural ingredients if possible.

Honey and maple syrup are the obvious subsitutions but the texture of the ice cream can be effected if you don't redress the balance of solids in the ice cream ingredients. As with most things in cookery, a little experimentation is usually required to get the balance right but the reward of your patience is an exciting new way to make ice cream!

Read more about how to make sugar free ice cream. Please note - this is not about ice cream suitable for diabetics, more for people just keen to cut out using so much real sugar in their diet.

** If you like honey or maple syrup in your ice cream, check out my recipes for honey ice cream and pecan and maple syrup ice cream **

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Jan 12, 2011

2011 - A Great Year For Ice Cream

Another New Year comes around and what, I wonder, will it hold for the fortunes of ice cream?

Every year the commercial ice cream makers seem to come up with new ice cream ideas, novel ice cream flavors or new ways in which to present them.

For my part, I always try to conjur up some new ice cream recipes. I remember well when I got my hands on some strasberries .... no I haven't mispelled strawberries! I made some strasberry ice cream and published the first ever strasberry ice cream recipe on the web. Not only was I proud of that fact but the ice cream was simply glorious! The only problem is that it's incredibly difficult to get hold of fresh strasberries where I live .... but then that perhaps makes the ice cream all the more special because I know I can't make it all year round.

This year I have a completely different and new idea in mind. No clues as to what that might be .... all I suggest is you watch this space for some exciting new ice cream recipe ideas.

Homemade ice cream - there's nothing to beat it!

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