Dec 31, 2012

Best Ice Creams Of 2012

On the last day of 2012 I thought I'd feature 3 of my favorite ice cream photos of 2012.
Here they are .... I hope you enjoy them!

Photo 1 - One of the creamiest, sweetest ice cream cones I've ever had!
New York Cheesecake ice cream and candy apple ice cream in a waffe cone.

Photo 2 - One of the smoothest and most indulgent of combinations in a cone:
Dark chocolate ice cream and real vanilla swirled with salted caramel.


Photo 3: On a tray about to be served together in a French seaside ice cream parlor:
Banana split with strawberry and vanilla ice cream and a mint choc chip/vanilla sundae. Notice the lashings of chocolate sauce on both sundaes!

May 2013 bring ever more delicious ice cream into all our lives!

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Dec 18, 2012

Christmas Ice Cream Ideas

Christmas is almost upon us and many 'stay at home' cooks will be conjuring up ideas for a little Christmas magic with homemade cakes, cookies and desserts.

Amongst their choice of options will be things like Christmas Florentines, Christmas Pudding with brandy sauce, Cinammon Spiced Apple Pie with cream or at the more adventurous end of the scale a Cupcake Christmas Tree!

(recipe is here

For me, it wouldn't be Christmas without making some homemade ice cream. Visit my Christmas ice cream page to check out no less than 9 ice cream recipes suitable for this special time of year.

What's my favorite? Coffee rum and walnut flavor - wow! Fancy making some? Click here for the recipe. It's a real winter warmer :-)

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