Apr 1, 2014

The Purple Theatre & Purple Ice Cream

What do you think about purple? Most people I know love it including me. It doesn't matter what the occasion or where I am if I see something purple I gravitate towards it.

One thing you might not have seen, however, is a purple theatre. So today I'm going to put that right and share this super photo with you sent to me by Susan who lives in London. Susan took the photograph last Wednesday 26 March from across the river Thames looking towards the South Bank. The building lit up in beautiful purple is the National Theatre in celebration of Purple Day.

Ever heard of Purple Day? If not, then I'm sure you will want to know more. Purple Day is a worldwide event which takes place every March. Its aim is to raise awareness about epilepsy. People all over the world dress in purple and stage events in support of epilepsy awareness. Apparently, last year there were even participants in Antarctica.

I think Purple Day is a wonderful idea for 3 reasons:

1. Epilepsy is currently one of the least understood illnesses in the world. As far the general public is concerned, most people have no or little idea of what it is and how it affects those who suffer from it. With a greater openness and awareness hopefully there will be a better understanding, less stigma and greater compassion and support.

2. Fundraising is much needed to support the help and advice which the various epilepsy charities around the world so readily give to people. Here are some of the charities' websites: 
Epilepsy Action ~ American Epilepsy Society ~ Epilepsy Foundation

3. I love purple!
This delicious violet ice cream cone I ate in France is something I won't forget :)

So if you love purple and would like to help raise awareness for epilepsy, make a note of Purple Day for next year. Like the National Theatre in London, you might just attract some attention, turn a few heads and help make a difference :)

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