Oct 26, 2014

Autumnal Ice Cream To Warm You Up - A Recipe With Rum!

Ice cream now it's colder? Really? Well, it's true that autumnal weather usually brings a change of menu to most homes and eating houses, but that's no reason to stop eating ice cream!

It's a scientific fact that ice cream is one of the foods that actually increases your body temperature. It's the fat content of the ice cream which is responsible for this. So technically, if you feel cold, eat some ice cream and you should feel warmer!

I remembering reading how in Ben and Jerry's first season of running an ice cream parlor in Vermont, they managed to get through their first winter OK (and it can be very wintery in Vermont!) by tempting people to come into their parlor with the slogan "Penny off for Celsius Degree Below Zero Winter Extravaganza". Hats of to those guys for pursuing their dream and sharing their passion for ice cream.

So back to today and cold, wet weather .... don't you just hunger for something gloriously indulgent? Well, here's my tip for a real treat ...... creamy, rich (and just slightly alcoholic) coffee, rum and walnut ice cream! It's strange but I find that it's nearly always the autumn and winter when I make this ice cream recipe and it's a recipe that I have not modified from day one. It works and tastes great!

Here is the recipe and then there's a link to a photo album of this yummy ice cream: Coffee Rum and Walnut Ice Cream by Ice Cream Recipes

More foods that apparently warm you up are brown rice and beer! Click here to read about foods that make you cooler.

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