Dec 31, 2019

Medieval Queen Gets Ice Cream Treat - In 1155!

There are many aspects to making your own ice cream, but one of them is the fun and fantasy part.

For example, you can conjur up all sorts of ice cream sundaes by varying:
  • the colours - brown + cream (dark chocolate and white chocolate ice cream) or different shades of red (strawberry gelato + raspberry sorbet)
  • the flavours - sweet and sour (cherry + lime), creamy and nutty (vanilla + pistachio)
  • the textures - chunky ice cream (fudge pieces) with smooth gelato (chocolate)
Nuts sauce and cream are amazing ice cream toppings
You don't have to stop there either! Toppings are a marvellous way to have fun because they not only give added flavour, they can make an ice cream sundae look much bigger and more colourful.

Medieval Ice Cream

The above ideas are all ways of having fun with ice cream. FANTASY is another thing entirely. Today, I can share with you what appears to be a world first - a medieval ice cream recipe!
Basically, it's an ice cream which uses ingredients that they had in medieval times. Not exactly rocket science you might think BUT there is a great, imaginative story that accompanies this recipe. It even includes some actual medieval history.

Ever heard of Eleanor of Aquitaine? If so, you'll really enjoy this. If not, then you'll learn something new and, hopefully, very interesting because Eleanor was unquestionably one of the most remarkable women who has ever lived.

Here's the story and the medieval ice cream recipe